When it comes to familiar Brazilian voices, Zeeba is instantly familiar to expat South Americans, the world over!

Brazil - Home of Zeeba

A Brief Biography of Zeeba

Now, it is true that I am neither Brazilian, nor do I live in South America. In fact, the best way to find me is to Google 'window cleaners near me' in Sydney Australia!

However, one thing I am sure of is how to source great music. So, local South American singers, whilst maybe not as well known in Western countries, command great respect for their ability to find the emotional support of millions of Spanish and Portuguese people the world over. Zeeba is one of these.

In addition, Zeeba is under the label of BMG, so there is a connection with Sony BMG of Australia, at least according to his Wikipedia page. So, is Zeeba a native Brazilian? No.

Born on 26 January 1993 in San Diego California, Zeeba is actually North American, a United States citizen by birth. However, citizenship wise, Zeeba is now a Brazilian.

Despite his youthful age(Zeeba is 28 years old at time of writing), he has been active musically since 2014, when he was only 21 years old.

So, his rise has been quite meteoric, and he still continues to influence the folk music scene prominently.

His early single "Hear Me Now" reached Gold in Germany and Denmark, and Platinum in France and Brazil. 3 subsequent singles have reached Gold(twice) and Diamond(once), all in his home country of Brazil.

In addtion to his accomplishments on musical productions, Zeeba also has a film to his name. The production of "I stay Loko" in 2017, where he played himself, showed the diverse skills and talents of this remarkable young man.