3 Predicted Fashion Trends For 2022

 When it comes to fashion trends, Elle is one of the most noteworthy outlets. However, in this article, they made the subject of '8 Fashion Trends That Will Be Big in 2021'...We will see whether their top 3 picks worked out, and offer our own top 3 for the coming year!

Pick One - Hot Goth

No Hot Goth For 2022!

This article of Elle was the UK edition. Many of the outlets they work with can be found in our UK business directory. That being the case, we have a good knowledge of many of the designers they represent in their fashion picks.

That being said, the Number 1 pick for Elle's Fashion predictions for 2021 was 'Hot Goth'. 

Goth has been around a long time, and probably will be around for a long time to come still. However, the reasoning behind Elle's pick was that "You're entitled to be both decadent and sulky after a long 2020...so go on, bring drama to your daywear with a wardrobe blackout."

The premise is true...2020 was a long and disturbing year. However, 2021 wasn't a whole heap better! In our opinion, the last thing people will want to celebrate is their misery. So, with that in mind, we offer a different pick for 2022.

Pick One (Our View)....Lighter Elegance

Now, with 2022 to still have it's challenges, dressing for a party is unlikely. However, fashion advocates will not 'rub the noses' of people into their despair. Rather, they will want to highlight a lighter mood, more positive. As such, we believe that the pastels and summer colours of understated contentment will be far more likely than the 'Halloween come early' recommendation of Elle.

Pick Two - Bubblegum Pink

Elle wanted bubblegum pink..here is our prediction for 2022

It's hard to know where this recommendation came from? Could Elle have selected a more contrary pick to the previous depressing blacks of Goth? Unlikely.

Their reasoning was "If you're in the mood for romance, try soft sheer dresses.." Wow! I am not sure that I would find a date dressed like a marshmallow 'romantic'. However, each to their own....

After highlighting the stresses of 2020 as a reason for Goth, Elle assume that their patrons will have 'completely lost the plot' and gone for garish pink! We think not!! Here is our pick for 2022

Pick Two (Our View)...'The Well Made Suit'

What is 'the well made suit'? Instead of the garish predictions of Elle, we believe that 2022 will be a time for people to project self respect. Lockdowns, employment issues, and social distancing, have all eroded the self worth of the fashion clientele. 

As such, we believe that the outfit that says: 'Hey I'm proud of who I am' will be the fashion outfit of choice. What does this mean for your average Chica and Chico?

Think Sports jacket and Slacks for the guys...full length summer dress with lightly floral shirt for the gals. It says "value" rather than shock, self worth rather than cheap.

Pick Three - Disco Ball

No Disco Ball for 2022!

Far be it from us to say that Elle have lost the plot. However, the reasoning of "as the temperature climbs, so too does the number of statement silvery styles this season" just doesn't wash with us.

The styles that they show on their page look more metallic, or industry, than 'Disco Ball'. Yes, they may well say "Let there be light", but natural light is better than a fluorescent globe!!

That being said, they may have a point with the industrial type of theme. So, here is our pick and why.

Pick Three - Rugged

We mentioned earlier that self worth will be more of a focus due to recent events. For guys and gals this would have meant a 'Power Suit' in times past. And, long may they continue in times past. Far better to have the understated statement of power. So, how will this play out in 2022?

When you think of Tradespeople, their heavier work wear screams strength, power, and solidity of nature. Often this type of wear has more base colours, with a heavier fabric. With that in mind, we believe that in the lower to middle ends of the fashion market, those styles will translate into outfits. There will be less of the metallic 'Disco Ball', and more of the metallic twin breasted shirts, dresses, and even coats that say "I am strong, young, and an Alpha!"

Editorial Comment

Elle has always sided on the flamboyant..and that has certainly had it's place in recent times.

The last couple of years, though, have been challenging. With that in mind, people need to rediscover their identity and worth. We believe that fashion trends will show that. 

You can't turn around a big ship quickly..so don't expect these changes to happen overnight. We believe that by the end of 2022, outfits will have an understated strength, power, and energy.